Neon Race 2


The racing game genre is almost as diverse as the number of different types of car out there. You’ve got some of the more obvious niches like Formula 1, drag racing, and various motorbike sports, but also some more obscure corners of racing such as police pursuit, car crash, drifting, and even zombie survival racing. With such a diverse genre to get stuck into, making a choice as to which will be the best for you is as tough as picking out your next car on a budget, but it can be best to start off with a title that is notorious for its quality; this title is Neon Race 2. The fact that this game is a sequel should already indicated that it at least has longevity, but in actual fact it has much, much more. Neon Race 2 isn’t your average racing game: it has some seriously high-speed action, a huge roster of cars to upgrade, and the whole thing is designed in neon-dipped wireframe style.

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Traffic Slam 3 – Fast, explosive driving action

traffic slam 3

There are precious few situations in life where driving recklessly is actually rewarded, but car-crash games and destruction-style games are among these few. Car-based destruction is so very popular that it has its very own niche in the car games genre, with titles like Traffic Slam Arena and Crash N Smash Derby involving relentless destruction irresponsible driving as standard. One title in particular seems to stand out from the crowd, however, and that is Traffic Slam 3. As the third game in a series based entirely around the destruction of your surroundings facilitated by your own dangerous driving, Traffic Slam 3 is the superior title as it has many of the best features from its predecessors, and best of all, it is a Unity3D game which means that its graphics are superior to those of standard flash games. With so much going for it, it is a wonder why Traffic Slam 3 isn’t more popular than it is.

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Bike Mania On Ice


There are many two-wheeled sporting activities to get involved in: mountain biking, downhill biking, and motocross racing to name a few, and dirt biking also being an option for people that like their bikes loud and offensive to the ears. Games exist to simulate these kinds of sports, but what about a dirt biking game that is a little more refrained and doesn’t actually involve any dirt whatsoever? Bike Mania 3 is a game that puts you on a dirt bike but with the purpose of crossing the terrain and overcoming various physical obstacles on your way in a series of levels to test your bike balancing skills to their very limits. This isn’t dirt biking as you know it, it is a unique take on the sport that puts you in an aesthetically clean environment with snow and ice all around and the challenge of staying perfectly balanced on your bike as you cross each level. Expect to be both challenged and surprised at a game that makes such a simple task so immensely challenging and actually rather fun as well.

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Mario Kart 7

You may think arriving at edition seven that we will be getting more of the same? Well yes we are but that is what we want isn’t it? More of the same but with added extras to give us a different experience that is also familiar. Mario Kart 7 brings all this to the table plus a whole lot more, fans will love it! We all have our favourite edition . Will this be mine? Lets play and see.

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Mario Kart Wii

As all Mario fans will agree all Nintendo Mario games are very addictive. There are so many releases plus so many titles to choose from, while each one does have a certain individuality no matter how subtle it may sometimes seem. Mario Kart games have become a world wide phenomena. You can go anywhere on the planet and I bet you would find a Mario fan somewhere around. The release I am looking at today is Mario Kart Wii and believe me there is plenty to say plus its all good!

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Jet Car Stunts

jet car stunts

Jet Car Stunts is all about maneuvering. You do not have to race against other players, but rather you have to use the track to pull off some wicked stunts. The game is based in a high stratosphere, so you have to be really careful – one wrong move and you’ll crash down to earth. Jet Car Stunts render nice gameplay and graphics.
The Jet Car Stunts have a breath taking game play. The well rendered 3D graphics really presents the game in a new fashion. The game is filled with challenges that makes it much more interesting and keeps you busy. And these are genuine challenges. There are 36 tracks on the full version and 8 on the little version. Plus, if you initially feel that 36 are not enough, you’ll certainly change your mind after playing the game. The tutorial might not be as long as you would have expected it to be, but still it is adequate enough and helpful. The viewable replays show the awesome crashes you want to see and allow you to save them. The game implies accurate physics that gives the game a realistic look. The game also includes open feint scoring.

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Reckless Racing 2

reckless racing 2

You are being reckless if you don’t buy Reckless Racing 2. It’s actually very hard to believe that you are playing this incredibly detailed game in graphics, sound and other stuff on an android phone rather than on a Play station vita, or some other modern console. Reckless Racer 2 tends to offer a complete package.

Reckless racing 2 has not changed the game and you still get the taste of the previous Reckless Racing game, but they have included a much needed career mode in the game in which you win races and go through various cup circuits while earning money, and of course burning rubber. There are 4-6 races in each of the 12 cups and your overall standing is considered in the end. Mostly the races are pretty basic, but in some there is elimination – the car in last place gets eliminated after a lap, till there is only one car left. To advance to the next cup you have to finish in the overall top 3. There are 40 different challenges in the arcade mode in which the difficulty level increases. There are also single race events and there is the option of the online multiplayer. Reckless Racing 2 will surely keep you busy for a long time!

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Drag Racing

drag racing

Drag Racing is the most addictive game in the drag racing world. It has a realistic control and new features are installed with every update. It has been tested on MY Touch 3G Slide; infuse 4G and Nexus One.

Steering a car is not available; all you need to do is shift gears during the appropriate time. So, element of proper timing is necessary to excel in the drag Racing game. A wide range of cars are available to race, and all it requires is winning. New cars are also available as players’ progress in the game.
Few modes are given in it, but all are different from each other like the basic mode is the first one in which user’s race against the Al. It is the best one to learn the controls and good opportunity to earn cash to start with a garage. Earning RP is a way of upgrading your cars so that you can battle with different bosses, plus races are meant to give tougher situations to players. Finally, an online option is also available to race with other online players.
Some features of the game have been actively improved by the developers. Exciting stuff is available which includes customization of cars, unlocking new cars and you even have the option to challenge your friend with a drag race.

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Asphalt 6 – Adrenaline

asphalt 6

Game loft developers have proven their awesome piece of work by giving users high quality graphic game in the form of Asphalt 6. Asphalt 6 is one of the best android games which have a very high rating among users right now. The forms and textures of car models are highly detailed. We could say that the levels of cars are the same as in Gran Tourismo 2, but resolution wise, the quality is high. The racing tracks are well detailed as everything is in pure 3D. So trees and fences present at the sides of the racing tracks are very clear, fair and effects make the tracks so beautiful. Game loft has developed Asphalt 6-Adrenaline like its predecessors which is an arcade racing game in which young racing drivers are under your control and desperately struggling for success. To play this game users have to pay around 4.91€ and game’s date size consists of 500 MB, which users have to download to play it.

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Need for Speed Carbon

need for speed carbon

The need for speed carbon is very popular among the fans of the need for speed series. Carbon has made much more name compared to its predecessors. Advance vehicles as well as race types and style played a great role in the success of this game. Vehicles in need for speed carbon are divided into three distinct categories: Exotic, tuner and muscle. These categories are well explained in this game, you can drive a long queue of fantastic cars. RX-8, the great Skyline R34 and Mazda speed 3 come under the tuners category. Camaro, HEMI 300C and Mustang GT500 explain the features of muscle category. Sl65AMG, Lamborghini Gallardo and the dashing Porsche Carrere GT are leading exotic cars. Need for speed carbon also has collection of other cars as well, but the above mentioned cars are the main rides to nail the races.
In need for speed carbon, superb arts and engineering are shown in cars, but still a lot of things ought to be improved. The customization option is fully on and the carbon is advanced compared to need for speed underground. In need for speed, a carbon e-commerce like shopping cart is used to purchase the car parts. The cart provides players the car parts, which are installed in their car after the transaction. The marketplace of Xbox live is constantly introducing new cars and parts as EA promises drivers to make driving worthwhile, plus they make some extra money.

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Thunder Bolt UK - Car Reviews On Demand

We have a commitment to review only those car games that have caused quite the stir with racing simulation and car freaks across the globe. Obviously games such as Need for Speed need no introduction but there are also other worthy titles that have been and will in future be reviewed by us beyond the main stream titles.

With the emergence of mobile games over the past 5 years there are plenty of casual games to get our hands on designed specifically for alternative platforms such as Android and iOS and some of these games are very impressive. So expect to see reviews on a wide range of games over the coming years instead of those released purely by big gun developers.