Burnout Paradise Review

burnout paradise city

Open world game play has lost its charm these days. The burnout paradise concepts give you a hair raising experience. Typically burnout is a genre of game which mostly includes arcade racing, the maker has been very careful to provide you with an environment which is suitable for all the crashes and blasts of cars and traffic. But the Developer Criterion has come up with a very suitable and a wonderful world according to the burnout nature. The city is built to deal exclusively with all the destruction caused by the player. Like every other game some glitches are found here and there which get in the way a the odd occasion, but overall Burnout Paradise delivers true to the very nature and experience as the name refers. You get a fresh and entirely new feeling playing this super car game.

From the very start the whole city is at your disposal, its seamless, without any load tines, menu screens or hiccups. Like any other game in the start one has to make a profile but in the case of Burnout Paradise you have to create a driving license which will require a photo and if you are hooked up with a webcam it’s even better and hence this license is used throughout the game.

At the start you do not get a very fancy car but an average car which is pretty slow by anybody’s standards. And after selecting that, you are off to explore the huge map of the paradise city and take part in a large number of races which are scattered all around the map. In paradise city you are free to play which ever race.

The pick and choose system is introduced which replaces the previous structure of burnout games. You start an associated event like a race, road rage, marked man, stunt man or burning route just by driving to some traffic lights. Some of these races are old and one could be familiar with them, some are put in a different way than they were before but some are brand new. In road rage you have to take down a given number of opponents and you do so by smashing them into walls, into traffic, with one another or by any other mean that removes their tires. The debris is taken in all the direction far from the starting line which makes it a lot of fun and free roaming adds an edge on top of that.

Marked man makes you a bounty. In Marked Man you are given a location from where you have to drive to another location while a bunch of black powerful cars will attempt to stop you and take you out, here there is going to be a countless number of attacks on your car and if you absorb too much damage you will be on the verge of failure. In this mode you make the best use of the open city, you have to be cunning as it is key to your survival, making use of the shortcuts can get you out of harm’s way fast so get use to them!

The name ‘stunts event’ makes clear that you have to do flashy stunts to gain and your driving style also counts. The key is to link different stunts together as it would allow you to utilize the combo system. You could be power sliding around a corner, barrel rolling off a ramp or doing a big air combo. There is a specific time which in which you have to connect your stunts to keep the combo alive, onscreen clocks shows the time, which puts you under increased pressure to find another opening for a stunt. But for your convenience a tap of the boost is included as a stunt and this move allows you to pass easily through the awkward parts of the track.

The event that most benefits from the city’s design is the Stunt event. Because after a while you will be able to spot ramps all over the routes, allowing you to get big airs or power sliding a whole road in a stretch. If we are playing this event in a closed street then it is highly likely to reach the limit in a very small time, but in Paradise City every time you are playing it, you discover new short cuts and stunts positions.

Burning Route is an event in which you have to use specific cars and cover a specific a distance in a given amount of time. In other words it’s a time trail. While getting into a new car you have to complete all the routes, which is a problem as at the end of the game as there is a lot of car swapping and this can prove tedious.

The only part that raises a few questions is the Race. To complete an event you must win it, in the beginning it’s easy but later it becomes very difficult. Other events are not affected by the vastness and openness of the city but in races as you are moving at a very high speed it becomes very easy to miss a turn.

There are gadgets that help you in the game like an on screen compass and a pulsing indicator like a street name image which tells you a turning is coming up, but during the frenzy of the event there is not a lot of help such as the huge flashing corner sign which were used in the previous Burnout games. In some races where you have to take one route, you miss a turn and its practically the end.

Previously there was not any restart option in Burnout but in Burnout Paradise this option is included. If a person is performing badly in an event you can go to the menu and restart the event and if the event is completed then you can replay it.

Your performance in an event depends very much on the car you are driving. There are three types: speed, aggressor and stunt. In speed class cars you can use boost only when the boost bar is full, but this lets you perform longer burnout chains, as you have an endless reserve of boosts at your disposal.
Aggressors by name is pretty clear are heavy duty cars, which take immense beatings before getting totaled, which makes them the perfect choice for Marked Man events. These beasts earn boost easily by take downs. The stunt vehicles perform power slides and barrel rolls bests, they can use boosts any time and they can take a fair beating – the stunt cars are a hybrid class.

Burnout Paradise offers the openness of the city in superb fashion, but it just does not suit the race events and barriers should have been used to reduce frustration and add fun. Burnout paradise has added realism in the bucket fulls to the concept of street racing and sadly one sacrifice is made to gain a big plus from the game play.