Jet Car Stunts

jet car stunts

Jet Car Stunts is all about maneuvering. You do not have to race against other players, but rather you have to use the track to pull off some wicked stunts. The game is based in a high stratosphere, so you have to be really careful – one wrong move and you’ll crash down to earth. Jet Car Stunts render nice gameplay and graphics.
The Jet Car Stunts have a breath taking game play. The well rendered 3D graphics really presents the game in a new fashion. The game is filled with challenges that makes it much more interesting and keeps you busy. And these are genuine challenges. There are 36 tracks on the full version and 8 on the little version. Plus, if you initially feel that 36 are not enough, you’ll certainly change your mind after playing the game. The tutorial might not be as long as you would have expected it to be, but still it is adequate enough and helpful. The viewable replays show the awesome crashes you want to see and allow you to save them. The game implies accurate physics that gives the game a realistic look. The game also includes open feint scoring.

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Reckless Racing 2

reckless racing 2

You are being reckless if you don’t buy Reckless Racing 2. It’s actually very hard to believe that you are playing this incredibly detailed game in graphics, sound and other stuff on an android phone rather than on a Play station vita, or some other modern console. Reckless Racer 2 tends to offer a complete package.

Reckless racing 2 has not changed the game and you still get the taste of the previous Reckless Racing game, but they have included a much needed career mode in the game in which you win races and go through various cup circuits while earning money, and of course burning rubber. There are 4-6 races in each of the 12 cups and your overall standing is considered in the end. Mostly the races are pretty basic, but in some there is elimination – the car in last place gets eliminated after a lap, till there is only one car left. To advance to the next cup you have to finish in the overall top 3. There are 40 different challenges in the arcade mode in which the difficulty level increases. There are also single race events and there is the option of the online multiplayer. Reckless Racing 2 will surely keep you busy for a long time!

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Drag Racing

drag racing

Drag Racing is the most addictive game in the drag racing world. It has a realistic control and new features are installed with every update. It has been tested on MY Touch 3G Slide; infuse 4G and Nexus One.

Steering a car is not available; all you need to do is shift gears during the appropriate time. So, element of proper timing is necessary to excel in the drag Racing game. A wide range of cars are available to race, and all it requires is winning. New cars are also available as players’ progress in the game.
Few modes are given in it, but all are different from each other like the basic mode is the first one in which user’s race against the Al. It is the best one to learn the controls and good opportunity to earn cash to start with a garage. Earning RP is a way of upgrading your cars so that you can battle with different bosses, plus races are meant to give tougher situations to players. Finally, an online option is also available to race with other online players.
Some features of the game have been actively improved by the developers. Exciting stuff is available which includes customization of cars, unlocking new cars and you even have the option to challenge your friend with a drag race.

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Asphalt 6 – Adrenaline

asphalt 6

Game loft developers have proven their awesome piece of work by giving users high quality graphic game in the form of Asphalt 6. Asphalt 6 is one of the best android games which have a very high rating among users right now. The forms and textures of car models are highly detailed. We could say that the levels of cars are the same as in Gran Tourismo 2, but resolution wise, the quality is high. The racing tracks are well detailed as everything is in pure 3D. So trees and fences present at the sides of the racing tracks are very clear, fair and effects make the tracks so beautiful. Game loft has developed Asphalt 6-Adrenaline like its predecessors which is an arcade racing game in which young racing drivers are under your control and desperately struggling for success. To play this game users have to pay around 4.91€ and game’s date size consists of 500 MB, which users have to download to play it.

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