Asphalt 6 – Adrenaline

asphalt 6

Game loft developers have proven their awesome piece of work by giving users high quality graphic game in the form of Asphalt 6. Asphalt 6 is one of the best android games which have a very high rating among users right now. The forms and textures of car models are highly detailed. We could say that the levels of cars are the same as in Gran Tourismo 2, but resolution wise, the quality is high. The racing tracks are well detailed as everything is in pure 3D. So trees and fences present at the sides of the racing tracks are very clear, fair and effects make the tracks so beautiful. Game loft has developed Asphalt 6-Adrenaline like its predecessors which is an arcade racing game in which young racing drivers are under your control and desperately struggling for success. To play this game users have to pay around 4.91€ and game’s date size consists of 500 MB, which users have to download to play it.

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