Drag Racing

drag racing

Drag Racing is the most addictive game in the drag racing world. It has a realistic control and new features are installed with every update. It has been tested on MY Touch 3G Slide; infuse 4G and Nexus One.

Steering a car is not available; all you need to do is shift gears during the appropriate time. So, element of proper timing is necessary to excel in the drag Racing game. A wide range of cars are available to race, and all it requires is winning. New cars are also available as players’ progress in the game.
Few modes are given in it, but all are different from each other like the basic mode is the first one in which user’s race against the Al. It is the best one to learn the controls and good opportunity to earn cash to start with a garage. Earning RP is a way of upgrading your cars so that you can battle with different bosses, plus races are meant to give tougher situations to players. Finally, an online option is also available to race with other online players.
Some features of the game have been actively improved by the developers. Exciting stuff is available which includes customization of cars, unlocking new cars and you even have the option to challenge your friend with a drag race.

A good tip to play drag race games is to remember that blue/green light colors are signs to shift the gear up and down, but use your own strategy after learning how to drive. Underpowered cars with a good grip on the road should give you effective results when you command for nitrous. In the end, timing does matter to make nitrous an effective one.
Car selection and upgrades count a lot in a drag race game. As players are in the mood to buy a new car, one should do a test drive first then make the transaction. More costly cars will race with tougher offline and online opponents. Upgrades are required to move to the next level so spend cash wisely so you might be able to move to the next level.
On android platform this game has high rating. Customization and racing portion both are combined efficiently to make it playable on a small screen and on a processing speed on smart phones. Games graphics are not design to give 3D effects. Despite this, viewers may observe 3D effects in graphics. The quality of graphics is up to mark comparing with other non 3D games.

All you need to do is shift the gear in time and you will finish the line in no time. Sound quality is pretty good and each engine sound is different from the other. On android phones, Drag RACE is a perfect game for entertainment. In addition, the processing of game play is very smooth without any frame rate issue. As it meets the requirements of android smart phones.

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