Jet Car Stunts

jet car stunts

Jet Car Stunts is all about maneuvering. You do not have to race against other players, but rather you have to use the track to pull off some wicked stunts. The game is based in a high stratosphere, so you have to be really careful – one wrong move and you’ll crash down to earth. Jet Car Stunts render nice gameplay and graphics.
The Jet Car Stunts have a breath taking game play. The well rendered 3D graphics really presents the game in a new fashion. The game is filled with challenges that makes it much more interesting and keeps you busy. And these are genuine challenges. There are 36 tracks on the full version and 8 on the little version. Plus, if you initially feel that 36 are not enough, you’ll certainly change your mind after playing the game. The tutorial might not be as long as you would have expected it to be, but still it is adequate enough and helpful. The viewable replays show the awesome crashes you want to see and allow you to save them. The game implies accurate physics that gives the game a realistic look. The game also includes open feint scoring.

There are a few things that are a little scratchy in the game. The controls in the game are not that friendly and they are pretty tough to master. The sound is not the best in the market and the creators could have done a better a job. You don’t necessarily have to be a good driver – you just have to know the tracks to be successful.
The game is semi addictive! The addictiveness of the game suffers by the fact that you have to put a lot of effort into the game. On the other hand, with a variety of challenges and awards to achieve, and with open feint scoring, you become addicted to better your score or to beat a friend’s score.
Graphics are the real highlight of the game. The environment is really eye catching with the bright and lush colors and beautiful and artistic 3D tracks. Laws of physics applied in the game are reality based and pretty much accurate and they seemed more real with breathtaking collision displayed in the form of graphics. If you count only graphics then Jet Car Stunts would be among the best games present in the market for android.

The accelerometer is perfect and accurate – it really needs to be that way. However, the sound is a little wavy, which takes a bit of the edge off the experience provided by the game. There is a pleasing noise in each of the menu transition and the throttle of the car itself sounds brilliant. In terms of sound, more emphasis is given to the real sounds rather than the music, which would be suitable if the game was a stimulation of race car driving. Nevertheless, in the case of Jet Car Stunts, you are high in the sky driving a flying super car, therefore, I think a bit of music just might have worked.

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