Mario Kart 7

You may think arriving at edition seven that we will be getting more of the same? Well yes we are but that is what we want isn’t it? More of the same but with added extras to give us a different experience that is also familiar. Mario Kart 7 brings all this to the table plus a whole lot more, fans will love it! We all have our favourite edition . Will this be mine? Lets play and see.

Nintendo for me have produced one heck of a game that will be difficult to beat in terms of fun or excitement. New or added features make the experience feel very fresh, you will see what I mean when you begin the race. The game is super speedy making the race feel exhilarating to say the least. Speed straight through Peaches Castle or hurtle yourself around Bowser’s Moat, while The Rainbow Road is a different track altogether this time round as you will travel to a new planetary system. This game certainly has many twists and turns.

Some of the features are very quirky such as Melody Motorway that is made from music plus each corner has an instrument waiting to belt out a note when you pass over it, its great fun! Mario Kart 7 has sixteen awesome new tracks to race, all different, all fantastic. The game is truly hard core this time around, as it has lost its cosy feeling of lets all play together, to find an atmosphere of kill or be killed. I like it as it makes for a really competitive game that is totally engrossing.

The courses are much more succinct giving very little away in terms of space. Some areas see only one vehicle at a time able to pass along. Take a short cut and you may find that its the road to doom if you are not fully adept with your steering. Not all the short cuts are narrow though but some are very hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled as the short cuts do come in handy.

Other useful new features of Mario Kart 7 over it’s predecessor Mario Kart Wii include The Leaf and The Fireflower. The Leaf enables you to sweep bananas or other missiles out of the way. You can only use this object a certain number of times so be prudent. It adds a strategic element to the game as you have to work out when is best to use The Leaf as you will run out of uses if you don’t. The Fireflower is a sort of flame thrower that you can hurtle at opponents in front or at the back of you.

More superb new features are the hang-gliders and the propellers. The hang-gliders appear when you are airborne while the propellers appear when you hit water. They are superb additions making for a crazy but fun race full of thrills and spills. The Lucky seven is an awesome power up like none ever seen previously. It adds a great atmosphere to the game. I am not going to give you full details as fans like to have something to discover themselves. I think too many spoilers ruin expectations.

Mario Kart 7 is the racing game to end all racing games. Visually it is nothing short of perfection while content wise it is unsurpassed. I have to say Nintendo have done it for me this time. Just when I thought I couldn’t find a Mario Kart game better another one comes along.

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