Mario Kart Wii

As all Mario fans will agree all Nintendo Mario games are very addictive. There are so many releases plus so many titles to choose from, while each one does have a certain individuality no matter how subtle it may sometimes seem. Mario Kart games have become a world wide phenomena. You can go anywhere on the planet and I bet you would find a Mario fan somewhere around. The release I am looking at today is Mario Kart Wii and believe me there is plenty to say plus its all good!

Mario Kart Wii is a great racing game full of zany characters to race against, that will keep you playing for hours. As usual the experience is very endearing as you battle it out on the race track using bananas as weapons. Fans who have played Mario before will know what great fun this is, while newcomers will have to give it a go ignoring what seems a childish premise.

The game begins with three Grand Prix speed classes which are 50cc, 100cc and 150cc, all are superb fun to race while completing them awards you with more stages to unlock. Whichever character you are up against they all have their own particular race class plus type of vehicle being light, medium or heavy. There are differences to Mario Kart Wii compared to previous Mario Kart games that I like very much.

The first difference is that you have a steering wheel that comes with the game where the Wii remote is encased so that you experience steering your vehicle making for a realistic play. There are thirty two terrific stages to complete with the addition of motor bikes too. Fans who love biking will really go for this as it brings a whole new dimension to the Mario game. You can perform wheelies down the straight or take to the air its really good fun.

The list of new features is endless making the game exciting, as you never know what to expect next. All I can say is expect the unexpected and you will be OK. The game has so many boost mechanics that make it an awesome ride. There are conveyor belts plus water rapids that boost your speed while you pick up speed boosts along the way such as golden or triple mushrooms, its mind blowing!

If speed is your thing then you will not be disappointed. Mario Kart Wii has so many ways to increase it along its tracks, while the exhilaration when playing the game makes it a superior racing experience. Getting accustomed to the bikes is not an easy process. Some of the machines are big and heavy while others are smaller and lighter making it difficult to judge in terms of steering or keeping them on the track.

There are plenty of great tracks such as the Special Cup Tracks or Moomview Highway where you have to bob and weave accurately to progress. Some of the tracks are so hard to navigate I found myself losing control to spin off but this only makes the game even more exciting. The multiplayer is fantastic as it is for two to four players plus it has a split screen with team races or battle modes that will bring out the competitive streak in you. I didn’t think I was so competitive myself until I played Mario Kart Wii multiplayer, then it was no holds barred!

Visually Mario Kart Wii is superb with all the usual cartoon fun that fans love. The soundtrack too is great with super tunes to get you in the mood creating atmosphere. Mario Kart Wii is all I expected and more. Fans will not want to miss out on this one.

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