Need for Speed Most Wanted: Black List 12 – Isabel

Blacklist number 12 is a girl named Isabel Diaz, nickname Izzy. She rides a Mazda RX-8 and she loves doing lap knockout races. Her bio states “Izzy is definitely a chick you don’t want to mess with. She knows everything there is about cars, on and off the roads. She’s got her ride wired tight. She comes from a long line of race fanatics. Everybody she runs with is either a cousin or friend or uncle. They all stick close so don’t get on her bad side.”

To race her you need to win at least 4 races and complete 3 milestones and attain a bounty of 180,000.

Here is a tip, if you’ve got Vic’s pink slip it is great because his Supra is better than any other stock car presently available. With that being said you unlock the next borough.

The racing log consists of 7 races divided into two tollbooth races, two sprints, a drag, a speed trap and a circuit. The details regarding each race type are given on the screen such as the distance, area where it would take place and cash reward. Except for the drag race each race offers a cash reward of $3000.

There are total of 5 milestones which are, Trade paint where you have to tag at least 8 police mobiles and then evade them in order to successfully complete the task, pursuit evasion where you are to evade police within 3 minutes or less, pursuit time challenge which is the opposite of pursuit evasion, you have got to last the pursuit for at least 4 minutes and finally there are two photo tickets where you have to hit 114 MPH and 121 MPH to successfully do the job. The bounty regarding each milestone varies.

Battling out Blacklist #12 you will have to go through a Sprint and a Circuit race with rival’s best time 2:12.50 and 4:43.32, earning cash reward of $8000.

On your way you will receive plethora of advices from that Rog guy and calls from Mia. In this part of the game Rog will be telling you that you should keep more than one car in your garage just in case you lose one or get impounded. And yeah Mia has arranged another safe house for you.

After doing all the required stuff Rog informs you that Izzy is all set to face you and that you should not underestimate her, so don’t!

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