Need for Speed Most Wanted: Black List 13 – Victor

His name is Victor Vasquez but people call him Vic. He owns a Toyota Supra and his strength is pursuit length, pretty cool. His bio states “this dude has been holding it down in the #13 slot for a while now. He can’t break out of his rut and no one can run him out. He is slack and dangerous but knows how to handle his ride. He will smoke you if he gets the chance.

To challenge him you need to win 4 races and complete 3 milestones and have to have bounty of $100,000.

If you are lucky enough to get Taz’s pink slip, sell his car and keep Sonny’s because it is better. A lot of new rides and parts have been unlocked so it is better to check them out. Beating Vic will be a tough job and you will definitely need upgrades to win.

Mia gives a cool gadget which lets you know how wanted you are by checking on the rap sheet.

There are total 7 races to choose from, ranging from sprint to lap knockout from tollbooth to speed trap. Every race you do earns you $2500.
Where as you will find a total of 5 milestones. These include Trade point where you have to tag 4 police mobiles and then evade the cops to successfully complete the milestone. Then there is Bounty in which you to get 5000 bounty in a single run. A Pursuit Evasion, gets rid of cops before 4 minutes and the last two include Photo ticket where you have to reach 108 MPH and 105 MPH to complete them. Each milestone you do increases your bounty by 11,000.

Boss races include two sprint races with best times of 2:23.55 and 2:07.11, pretty good, with a cash reward of $6000
During the course of the game you will receive a plethora of calls and text messages from Rog and Mia. They will stick with you throughout the game. You can consider Rog as your guider; he tells you what is happening in the streets, gives you intel on other Blacklists and what Razor is doing. And every now and then he would be coming up and telling you what to do or where to find upgrades and new cars. This can get a little annoying sometimes.

After you go through the required number of races and milestones you will receive a call from Rog letting you know that the stage is all set for you and Vic to go head to head.

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