Need for Speed Most Wanted: Black List 15 – Sonny

First up, Blacklist Rival 15, name Ho Seun aka ‘Sonny’

He rides VW Golf GTI and his strength is Circuit races. His ‘Bio’ says, “this here is Sonny. He’s dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don’t be fooled, it’s a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets.

You have to earn it to race against Blacklist number 15 and to do that you need to finish a few races and complete enough milestones.

You have to win atleast 3 races, complete atleast 3 milestones and you to have bounty of no less than $20,000.


As far as the races go I’d recommend you opt for these races
Circuit with cash reward of $1500, distance 4.2 miles with 2 laps
Sprint with cash reward of $1500, distance 3.5 miles
Lap knockout with cash reward of $1500, distance 5 miles with 3 laps

Completing the milestones might seem easy in the beginning but as the game progresses it becomes really tough. You will find several milestones and although you can go for any of the three, I prefer the following three.
Trade Paint with bounty $5000, to complete this milestone successfully you need to tag 2 police mobiles and evade them
Pursuit Evasion with bounty of $5000, in order to successfully accomplish it you need to evade to police in less than 4 minutes
Pursuit Time Challenge with again bounty $5000, you have to lure the police for 2 minutes and then evade them
Photo Ticket with bounty $4000, hit the meter to 80 MPH to successfully finish this challenge.

The boss race is composed of two circuit races which earn you a cash reward of $5000 each. The first circuit race takes place at Campus Way with rival’s best time 3:27.23 and the second race takes place at Highlands with best time 2:15.37.

After you have beaten Blacklist number 15, you get to choose two markers out of six. The first three markers are question marks while the remaining three include Vinyl upgrade, unique part upgrade and unique performance upgrade. Whereas Pink Slip, Get out of jail for free and Extra cash reward are hidden behind three question marks.

Need for Speed Mostwanted is a pretty intriguing game, after you are done with the first race you get a text from Rog that encourages you and pushes you to take down Razor.

Mostwanted really revolutionized the Need for Speed series, introducing the concept of Milestones and Bounty. Before taking on any Blacklist Rival you have to earn it. Milestone basically indicates that you have got what it takes to handle the heat. Access the milestone via the Milestone page.

Then there is a bounty. Unless you have an equal or higher bounty than respective the Blacklist you cannot race them. The more you complete milestones the higher will be your bounty. Enduring pursuit for a longer period increases heat level, increased heat level earns you more bounty.

You will receive a whole lot of texts and calls during your way telling you what you need to know regarding cops, milestones and other related stuff.

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