Need for Speed Most Wanted: Blacklist 10 – Karl Smit

His name is Karl Smit but people call him Baron. This dude has got style and speed, riding in a Porsche Cayman S. His strength includes infractions. As for bio it goes like ‘this flake calls himself “Baron”. He’s a rich guy from the coast. He thinks garage custom is an excuse for being broke. As far as he’s concerned, “if it’s not name brand, it’s nothing.” Go show ‘m what home grown rides can do.’

You will be competing against Balcklist number 10 but to do that you need to win at least 5 races and complete 4 milestones and should have a minimum bounty of $500,000.

Things get tough from here. It is time to think and plan out a strategy because Baron rides Porsche. There are tons of new upgrades in the garage but its better you buy yourself a new faster car and upgrade it. And you should focus on getting Baron’s pink slip because it will help you out later.

As for the races they are divided in different genres from lap knockouts to tollbooths. There are total of eight races to choose from and they include 2 lap knockout races, 2 tollbooth races, 3 sprints and a circuit. Races will get a little tough from here onwards as you will be up against more faster cars. It will not be too hard but surely not too easy as well. Each race you win will earn you cash of $5000.

You only need to do 4 milestones. While it sounds easy its actually not. I prefer to complete all milestones, it may sound pretty annoying but it will serve you well in future when you will be facing blacklists in the top order. The following are some of the milestones that are included:

  • First up is the bounty, you have to earn a bounty of $10,000 in a single pursuit and then you have to evade the police to successfully complete the task. It will earn you a bounty of $35,000.
  • Then there is the cost to state, destroy things, breakdown police mobile etc and get a cost to state of $30,000 then evade. Doing this will earn you a bounty of $35,000.
  • Pursuit time challenge and to complete it you need to endure police pursuit for at least 5 minutes and then obviously evade cops. This will earn you $35,000 bounty.
  • Breakthrough or dodge at least 4 roadblocks, it feels very dramatic every time you breakthrough the roadblock as things slowdown. Doing this challenge will earn you a bounty of $35,000.
  • And lastly we have 3 photo ticket challenges which require you to hit the speedometer to 108 MPH, 114 MPH and 139 MPH. Each challenge boosts your bounty by 35,000.

While fighting for 10th spot on the blacklist you will go head on with Baron in a sprint race and a drag race. It will be tough especially the latter one but you should remain focused and calm. Baron’s best time in sprint and drag is 2:34.11 and 48.11. Each race will earn you a cash reward of $12,000.

As for the markers, you will be getting roof scoop in unique visual upgrades, hood in unique parts upgrade and suspension in unique performance upgrade plus the first three markers with question marks displayed on them.

During the game you will receive Razor’s call and in his usual way will be threatening you.

Mia will also be telling you how to cool down your car’s heat level because the higher the heat level the more frequently cops will tease you. Lowering down heat level will cut you some slack.
To lower it down you can always head to garage and the change your car’s look, change body paint, vinyl, put on different body kits and stuff. It will help keep the cops off your tail.

Once you have done all the required races, milestones and bounty Rog will let you know that

Baron is dying to race you.

So, go and take that throne.

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