Need for Speed Most Wanted: Blacklist 11 – Big Lou

Next up is Blacklist number 11. He calls himself Big Lou but his real name is Lou Park. This dude rides Mitsubishi Eclipse and tollbooth time trials are his potency.

His Bio says ‘this slab of Korean muscle considers himself a real ladies man. He’s all show. Rumor has it; he panics around the cops and bails on races the first chance he gets. Along with that they say he has problems working the clutch so he’s slow off the line. I wouldn’t count on it if I was you.’

To make yourself worthy of racing against Big Lou you have got to win at least 4 races and complete 3 milestones. And your bounty should be reaching 300,000.

Did you get Izzy’s pink slip? If yes then it is great. Take her car to the garage and upgrade it because after defeating Izzy you unlock a whole lot of upgrades. And if you didn’t get hers, no worries, carry on with the Vic’s car but do upgrade it. You can always sell the unused cars as well.

In the race portion there are a total of 8 races and you have to do at least 4. These races are further divided into two speedteap races, 2 tollboth races, 2 sprint races, a drag and a circuit.
It is preferable to do all the races because the more races you will do the more money you earn.

Use money to upgrade or even buy new cars but use it wisely.

Milestones are categorized in cost to state challenge, roadblock challenge, infractions challenge and two photo tickets.

In the first challenge you have to cause 20,000 cost to state and evade cops to successfully complete it. Roadblock requires you to break through 2 roadblocks, get 4 infractions during the chase to complete the infractions challenge and finally we have photo tickets, hit 118 MPH in both photo tickets to complete them as well.

As far as the boss races are concerned, they are composed of two circuit races with a cash reward of $10,000. Rival’s best time is 4:24.42 and 5:06.30.

The first three markers will remain the same throughout the game where as the sub category of the remaining three will keep on changing such as unique part upgrades will remain the same but each time you will be provided with different parts.

During races Rog will keep you updated and guide you along the way. A new tool that you will encounter in this part of the game is pursuit breaker. It is a tool that can come in handy when dealing with cops; it slows down time and augments your power of impact meaning thereby you can break through cops, if timed correctly.

Rog will also brief you about the speedtrap races. Be sure to listen to him, it will help you a lot.

As you finish all the races and complete all milestones Rog will inform you that Big Lou is waiting for a showdown.

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