Need for Speed Most Wanted Guide

need for speed most wanted

Need for speed is an action racing game which in most people’s opinion is considered to be the best iteration in the need for speed franchise. The game is packed with amazing visuals, smooth mechanics, deep gameplay and a fairly strong storyboard. Click a blacklist below ot get help with any blacklist in the game:

So the game commences as “Present Day… Challenging Blacklist #15” as you go one on one against blacklist # 15, razor. The one who wins will get the pink slip of the loser which means you will lose your car if you lose. For the first part of the race the computer will be driving the car and you will do the last parts where your car will breakdown due to oil leakage and the game goes in retrospect.

You entered the Rockport City six days ago when you ran into Sergeant Cross, kind of head of the police department in the game, while racing. Luck plays its charm and Sergeant has to go but he leaves you with an unbearable scratch on your car just to remind you of him.

4 days ago, cruising along streets and looking for someone to race and a gang to hangout with. You go up against Ronnie who is a shabby driver and you will not need that much effort to take him down. The prize money to win the race is $10,000.

You found the gang but guess what they don’t like you. You come across your nemesis Razor and your hot guider Mia. First up, you go against Toru and to make things interesting the cops are called too. Anyway, go and win that race and the prize money of $10,000.

Pretty good and your reputation is building up. This time you go against 3 opponents and the reward is $10,000 again.

With that we come back to present day again where we have to race against Razor. This time you will have to do the entire race on your own so, good luck. Well, not exactly, you are out of fuel due to leakage and Sergeant Cross is here to handcuff you and yeah you lose your car to Razor as well.

After some time Mia comes up and bails you out of police station because they do not have much evidence on you. It’s time to hit the track and win your car back  from Razor but first things first, we need to buy ourselves a car.

With cash of $30,000 you are to choose from three cars, Lexus IS 300 which costs $27,000 and offers best handling, a Fiat Punto which also costs $27,000 and offers best acceleration and the last one Chevrolet Cobalt SS which costs $26,000 and offers best top speed. I prefer going for Cobalt SS.

When you are done Mia will come up and tell you how things go and explain how the blacklist works along with some other related stuff.