Need for Speed: The Run Review


Need for speed The Run has come in a 12 month period during which EA has already launched two excellent games before it, so it was going to be a challenge for the marketing personals to sell this game and it would not be wise for them to lay too much emphasis on the initials of the titles. It is still vague whether this game was released as a want or a need and for whom it was bring into reality.

EA Black Box has suggested an alternate to the fast and sprint pack Criterion’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and serious Need For Speed: Shift 2: Unleashed, and they have done a fine job doing that. A linear story mode is featured in Need For Speed: The Run. You play as Jackson “Jack” Rourke. There is a certain turn of events that leave him under a debt, which amount he cannot pay on his own, so he becomes a marked man. He decides to take part in an illegal street racing event, known by the name The Run, which is introduced to him by an associate, named Sam Harper. The Run is a journey across continental USA, starting from San Francisco and ending in New York City, it comprises of 3000 miles. He is informed by the associate that the prize money is $ 25,000,000, which is enough to secure his freedom but to get that he has to beat 200 other drivers to the finish line.

To make matters worse he is not only in debt to the mysterious mob but also to the police and both of them try to make sure that he is unable to finish the race.

To add a little flair to typical racing contest, developers have added cut scenes and quick time events. To be more dramatic they have also borrowed Criterion’s Auto Log, which adds more intimation and gives more bustling completion while you race down the roads of America, as you are pitted against your friends.

Like every other racing game in Need For Speed: The Run racing starts in the city, but quickly you find yourself driving in the twisting and never ending curves of the narrow roads of Yosemite, then you climb through Colorado Rockies which is covered in a sheet of ice, then across the beautiful plains, then entering the underworld of Chicago leading you to drive through the colorful autumns of the East coast, all these are exquisitely detailed and the landscapes are stretched beautifully.

All this credit goes to the genius Frostbite 2 Engine that of Battlefield 3. It only takes around two hours give or take to complete which makes it a pretty small game for Need for Speed. So, in order to keep gamers happy EA has added a bunch of challenges, which are mostly based on the events in the game. Events are more about number than depth, you unlock medals and your granular scoring of Auto log also increases. Well according to the trends in games, you get XP by completing a mode, which enhances your driver level, and you unlock a lot of cool stuff as your level increases.

Happiest moment in the all Need For Speed games are when you run down a straight road in insanely high speed, trying your best to stay on the road, and you would not be disappointed in The Run as well.
It isn’t worth calling Need for Speed if you can’t do insanely rash driving and fortunately you will not be disappointed with Need for Speed Run because at some places it has kept the legacy alive, most prominently on the roads of Colorado Mountains covered in sheet ice and also on the roads on the outskirts of the New York City.

While on the other hand it is very difficult to entertain yourself on the highways, the developers have limited the number of times you can reset your vehicle and now you can only reset your vehicle five times per event, which is the main issue in the game. Although it does sound good but when you play the game things get really annoying, as most of the vehicles steer horribly as their responsive control is not good, so you continuously smash yourself into the oncoming traffic and if you are successful in avoiding them then hitting into the wall becomes inevitable.

AI is pretty unfair. Sometimes it feels like that AI has no intelligence at all and sometimes beating them becomes impossible.

Apart from that you will also get a warm welcome by cops and as the franchise is progressing cops are getting harder to evade. Just like previous Need for Speeds cops setting up road blocks and spike stripes. But it is the precision that has been improved significantly. Avoiding them requires sharp reflexes and quick decision making.

You will find Need for Speed: The Run pleasant and interestingly diverse to look at in the countryside, they have reused the same layouts and scenery here and there, and have given short shrift to the cities, so Vegas, Chicago and New York look the same.

The narrative part of the game is also poorly executed, too. It seems the writer has lost all interest when you see the functional introduction to the character Jack and Christian Hendricks’ Sam the voice on the radio. There is no plot development and some events are built around foot chases and mafia pursuits.

Need for Speed Run was an innovative step by EA, adding in an extra bit of chase, and graphics were really taken to the next level. But it was a move that was not perfectly executed. The game lacked a strong storyline and things weren’t in cohesive manner either. It has been long since we have seen a good Need for Speed game like Most Wanted and Carbon. Although Hot Pursuit was a nice addition and was widely appreciated, it was too short to feel that real sense of lasting fun.