Neon Race 2


The racing game genre is almost as diverse as the number of different types of car out there. You’ve got some of the more obvious niches like Formula 1, drag racing, and various motorbike sports, but also some more obscure corners of racing such as police pursuit, car crash, drifting, and even zombie survival racing. With such a diverse genre to get stuck into, making a choice as to which will be the best for you is as tough as picking out your next car on a budget, but it can be best to start off with a title that is notorious for its quality; this title is Neon Race 2. The fact that this game is a sequel should already indicated that it at least has longevity, but in actual fact it has much, much more. Neon Race 2 isn’t your average racing game: it has some seriously high-speed action, a huge roster of cars to upgrade, and the whole thing is designed in neon-dipped wireframe style.

Putting the aesthetics aside to look at the gameplay for a second, Neon Race 2 is of course all about your typical street-racing style bouts of vehicular contest, but pretty much everything about it is instantly enjoyable from the start thanks to Long Animals Games’ developing talents. Each race you enter into isn’t over a closed loop of track but through some wildly challenging roads that challenge you at pretty much every turn, particularly at the ridiculous speeds that you will often reach. The aim is simply to achieve the fastest time possible in each race, but you aren’t alone: you’ll face other vehicles, though these aren’t fellow racers but simply cars that you must either ram into or avoid depending on their colour. None of the action here is typical of your typical Formula 1 race: hitting red cars will boost your turbo (activated by pressing X or N) since they are enemies but bashing into other-coloured vehicles is detrimental to your turbo level

To ensure that the game isn’t a repetitive affair, the developers have included an upgrade system where you can improve various parts of your car such as its turbo, its steering, and its engine, and the choice of unique cars that are available expands as they are unlocked. You will start off with a relatively slow car but you will be surprised at the choice available to you as you progress: sports cars, a bike, and even a police car eventually become available, each with more power and increased performance superior to the one before it.

One shouldn’t confuse this game with the comparatively basic Neon Racer, which is a bike game that has a similar visual style but is lacking in the variety and the depth of Neon Racer 2. No other game could match the aesthetic wondrousness of this game either, as the exclusively neon-like design somehow gives the game a simultaneously retro and futuristic feel all at once, and the upgrades give the whole thing more longevity than it would ever need.

As far as picking out a worthy game to fulfil your desire for a top-quality racing title, Neon Race 2 is one of the very best ones that you can possibly hope to play, though is only one of a healthy collection on this racing games site where you will find a large quantity of racing titles of varying type help you pass the time.