Reckless Racing 2

reckless racing 2

You are being reckless if you don’t buy Reckless Racing 2. It’s actually very hard to believe that you are playing this incredibly detailed game in graphics, sound and other stuff on an android phone rather than on a Play station vita, or some other modern console. Reckless Racer 2 tends to offer a complete package.

Reckless racing 2 has not changed the game and you still get the taste of the previous Reckless Racing game, but they have included a much needed career mode in the game in which you win races and go through various cup circuits while earning money, and of course burning rubber. There are 4-6 races in each of the 12 cups and your overall standing is considered in the end. Mostly the races are pretty basic, but in some there is elimination – the car in last place gets eliminated after a lap, till there is only one car left. To advance to the next cup you have to finish in the overall top 3. There are 40 different challenges in the arcade mode in which the difficulty level increases. There are also single race events and there is the option of the online multiplayer. Reckless Racing 2 will surely keep you busy for a long time!

You have to meet the given “P.I” range of the car in each circuit. The better the car the higher the “P.I”will be. You can upgrade your car or buy a new one and upgrade that according to yourself. The parts you buy increase the car’s acceleration, handling and speed. If you race well you will have enough scratch to buy new cars and their parts. Collecting and customization of cars is a great addition in Reckless Racing 2.

There are five different customizable control schemes present in the game; you can choose the one that suits you the best. Button placement and steering sensitivity is adjustable. The controls are really sleek and fine, you don’t have to fight with the game to make it do what you want. To improve your driving aids like road lines are present. It’s almost unbelievable how awesome and wonderful the game looks when it runs. This game is that great that if I was able to run my phones video output to my TV, then it would be hard to differ the graphics of this game to any other game on PlayStation or Xbox 360. Fences brakes, tires kicking dust, and orange cones fly all over the track and the game never skips a frame. Developer Pixel bite has really pulled off an impressive game, in which the graphics detail, is totally perfect for mobile. The sound of the game is also really good – the engines roar, tires scream they all are very real and life like. The in game menu sound is reasonable too.

The Reckless Racing 2 is a game that you would never want to delete from your mobile. Download it at Google Play