Traffic Slam 3 – Fast, explosive driving action

traffic slam 3

There are precious few situations in life where driving recklessly is actually rewarded, but car-crash games and destruction-style games are among these few. Car-based destruction is so very popular that it has its very own niche in the car games genre, with titles like Traffic Slam Arena and Crash N Smash Derby involving relentless destruction irresponsible driving as standard. One title in particular seems to stand out from the crowd, however, and that is Traffic Slam 3. As the third game in a series based entirely around the destruction of your surroundings facilitated by your own dangerous driving, Traffic Slam 3 is the superior title as it has many of the best features from its predecessors, and best of all, it is a Unity3D game which means that its graphics are superior to those of standard flash games. With so much going for it, it is a wonder why Traffic Slam 3 isn’t more popular than it is.

The gameplay of Traffic Slam 3 is focused entirely on the destruction of as many vehicles and objects as possible. Each round is short and sweet and entails taking control of a car in order to drive it around a discrete and finite area that encompasses a highway, an overpass, and various buildings, with cars passing by frequently that must be destroyed in the name of fun and reward stars that allow you to level up. This isn’t a purely drive-and-smash experience like Blood Car Deluxe though, since you also have explosives rigged up in your car set to a standard 30 second timer, making each round extremely short but decidedly explosive when it reaches its conclusion; you may also trigger the explosion at your behest. Having control over the timing of the explosion means that you can either run down the timer until it explodes automatically or if you so happen to find a collection of closely-packed vehicles you can choose to detonate sooner than 30 seconds if you so wish.

Xform Games is the developer responsible for the traffic slam series and they definitely made sure that the game had longevity as well as short-term explosive thrills, with this longevity coming from the structure of your progression in the game, which is laid out like an RPG where you earn stars for completing various objectives (smashing a minimum number of cars, attaining an indicated number of points etc). This allows you to level up and also acquire various upgrades to your car’s function and its appearance. You can purchase consumable items such as extra detonations as well as permanent improvements to the car in the form of tuning up the engine, the strength of the body work, and also extensions to the timer in each round.

Though watching high-speed crashes may be fun, actually being  in control of the action is better, and being able to detonate some high-explosives and watch the chain reaction of destruction propagate across the screen is highly satisfying. The graphics are of course impressive and are fully 3D, though it would have been nice to see some different terrain/surroundings to cause destruction in. Until Traffic Slam 4, Traffic Slam 3 is one of the best car destruction games that you can hope to play.